All About SMM 👩‍🏫 👇

1. Quiz on SMM

Now that we’ve tested your knowledge of SMM a bit, let’s see if you can tell what it is for 🧐😊

Pick all the options that seem to be correct.

2. Listen 👂

Listen Again 🎧

This time the same text will be read by male and female robots. Pick the voice that works best for you 🙂

3. Test Your Memory and Comprehension re SMM 🧠😎

4. Finally, Let’s Hear From You! 🤗

Record your answers. Mistakes are our friends; don’t be afraid of them, don’t be shy! Give it a go 🥰

Additional information:

4 replies on “All About SMM 👩‍🏫 👇”

Well done Diana jan! 💖

Some little feedback 🥰
🧠 In short:
☝️ social media = instruments (in this case, digital instruments) available to many people. We use media (images, videos, sound files, presentations etc) to transfer, exchange or share information.

✌️ “via Facebook”, not “via the Facebook”: Facebook is a special name and it doesn’t require an article.

☘️ “That kind of stuff”, not “that’s kind of stuff”.

Thank you for your voice comment Diana jan.

See you soon 🥰


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