The World of Apps, Devices and Data! 👩‍💻 📠🛰️

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1. Guess the Topic! 🧐😋

2. Find the Synonims 🤓

The aim of this exercise is to help you test your knowledge of an important set of words that will be important for the text below. Just drag and drop the words into the blanks 🧩 ♟ 🎮

3. Read the Text 📙

☝️ If you’ve never heard of or seen the term “IT”, then you’re in a minority my friend! On the other hand, a lot of people heard of it, but don’t really understand it. Does IT simply mean computers, programming and WIFI?

🧐 Let’s understand the expression “information technology” first. What is information? Try to write your own definition before continuing.

Here’s a definition of the word “information”: facts provided or learned about something or someone.

camera(🤔 Now, let’s define the term “Information Technology”: the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information.A system, to make it simple, is a few things or components working together for a common purpose. For example, the wheels and all the other parts of your bike work together. That’s a system. Now let’s take your smartphone. First, you take a photo with one component of the smartphone. The photo you’ve taken is then kept or stored in its memory. Then you decide to have a look at your photo. You ask your smart phone to find it for you, bring it back or retrieve it, cause your phone is what? Yes, smart 😁 Later on, you decide to transfer or send that photo to your friend. All these activities and actions are carried through different parts of the smartphone – camera, memory, apps like email + attachment of files, or maybe Viber etc.

Anyway, IT is not just smartphones and laptops. Have you heard of Elon Musk’s latest experiment? The pig with the chip? 🐷 Now there’s a pig with a microchip in their brain. Or maybe you’ve seen those smart pots which measure the humidity and temperature of the soil and monitor the well-being of the plant? 🎍 They also inform the owner when it is time to water the plants or to take care of their other other needs. Add a few more components to this system and the plants will be watered and taken care of automatically!

If you want to earn a lot of money, have a great career and help your community, humanity or the Planet, then you may think about getting involved in IT industry. Programmers of various profiles and specializations are especially wanted all across the planet!

To sum up, IT is much more than just computers, smartphones and the internet. It involves all the areas of human activity. It can be very lucrative and helpful in local and global aspects as well. ✅

4. Do You Know the Answers? 😉

The exercise below consists of three questions. When you answer the first one, wait a few seconds so that the next question comes up 😌

5. Your Thoughts! 💭🤔

Write a comment below sharing your thoughts about IT industry. Do you like it? What areas and aspects of it do you like? Is there anything that you don’t like about IT? Do you have some worries or concerns about it? Share your vision below. Use the comment area that works best for you. 🗨️

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