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Greetings and welcome! Do you need to learn English? Maybe someone you know needs to take English classes online? The name of my page says it all: I teach English in English! Simple and effective! Here are a few lessons, check them out!

Learning English can be hard. On the other hand, it can be fun, too! 🙂

I had a few students who confessed that they quit learning English before. Why? The teaching methods used for them weren’t fun, interesting and engaging!

Have you seen this pic before?

different styles of learning English and passing exams

It’s not just about passing exams, it’s about education and learning in general.

Factors to Consider

Here are some factors to think about for those who want to learn English online or offline:

  • Ask the teacher / instructor to share their teaching method(s) with you,
  • Discuss the teaching materials that you are going to use. I peronally don’t have one book for everyone. I often make lessons from scratch for my private students, and understanding what materials to use may take a few lessons actually. This means that you are getting individualized services and detailed attention to your needs and goals,
  • You should go through some form of needs analysis with your teacher. Normally it happens during the first lesson. This process can be ongoing as the student may not be able to articulate their needs, especially if it’s a young learner or someone who has very broad ideas (e.g. they want to learn English for traveling in general),
  • One big problem for both learners and teachers is motivation. As someone who wants to improve their English, you should be realistic with your goals: you can’t it takes time. Taking a few lessons won’t make anyone a fluent speaker. If you’re getting ready for your English exams, again, be realistic and approach an English teacher timely. I.e. start practicing at least three months in advance.

Road to Success

Having considered all the factors mentioned above, you should then go through the following important aspects as well:

  1. Your goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. For instance, “I want to be able to speak English” and “I want to be able to attain level C1 in 6 months” are two very different goals, don’t you agree? Which one you think will work better in practice?
  2. You need to learn to control your emotions and maintain equanimity throughout your learning process. I.e. you should continue learning both when you want it and feel happy about it, as well as when you don’t feel like doing it. Equality is about creating a little space between your emotions and lifestyle.
  3. Unchecked expectations mean disappointment. You shouldn’t come to a teacher with your own methodology: if you know how to do it, if you’re so smart, then why haven’t you done it already? There will be some repetition and some structure to the lesson period on the other hand, the teacher will decide when to diversify and vary the learning activities. The good teacher will anyway ask feedback from your regularly and will actively listen to their student. And yet, sometimes we may not see the bigger picture as learners who are in an unknown landscape. A good teacher is like a GPS or Google Maps, and you should trust them.

About Me

Many English teachers make introduction videos for their students and potential employers. Here’s mine:

Here’s me with my Chinese colleagues and a lovely student <3

Learn English online

My TEFL, TBE certificates and TOEFL exam results 👇

Reviews from my Students 🥰

“In a short amount of time I was able to learn words, expression and grammar points which are used in everyday speech.

“​I liked the teaching style of Sevak which is completely different from the traditional learning-by-heart method. Apart from reading and translating texts we’re listening to songs and watching videos which were true sources of vocabulary for me.

“I especially liked the fact that we’ve been choosing topics to study together. Whenever I felt bored or tired Sevak was able to chase those sensations away through yoga.

Ani Tumanyan, ​linguist, journalist,
Former EVS volunteer in France
Yerevan, Armenia

“Sevak was carefully picking great material so that I could enrich my scientific vocabulary (that’s what I needed). The tone of our lessons was very non-formal, without any strain or stress. I remember that we’ve even watched the video of the university where my EVS [European Voluntary Service] project was to take place. 

“Sevak never stressed me as a teacher; he never made me do stupid assignments or homework. Those few months [of learning English] helped me a lot, because the lab in Germany -where I was going to do my research – was very multinational, and we mostly communicated in English”.

Astghik Turabyan,
researcher, musician,
Yerevan, Armenia
​(currently studying in Germany)

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